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McNeur has conducted in depth studies on the planning principles of New York City and Central Park, as well as Rome and Environs. These have been approached from history, theory, and philosophy perspectives with a view towards informing contemporary design of urban public space. In particular, she studies the relationships between the planning of gardens and the planning of cities (eg: NYC and Central Park), and how the two can inform each other about sustainable and contemporary public space issues; including urban theatricality. She welcomes research communication and/or proposals on urban public space internationally and/or specifically, New York’s Broadway and various public and green spaces, as well as investigations into Roman urban public space.


McNeur has also completed an advanced training and practiced in Body Psychotherapy. She integrates her architecture and psychotherapy work into Environmental Psychology; working with issues such as environment and emotions, spatiality and perception.


NINE SQUARE GRID PUBLICATIONS: John Hejduk, Robert Slutsky, Joan Ockman, et al

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